Services Rendered

Crypto Exchange Platform Application

We will design a unique cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade on different cryptocurrencies. Broad range of features, customizable parameters, all features necessary for customer service. Payments can be done in fiat and various cryptocurrencies and there are no restrictions in payment methods.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Development Setup

We will build your ICO on a custom-made interface based on the most popular ERC20 platform. Includes features, such as; vast service management capabilities, customizable token sale parameters, setting up different stages and token purchase conditions, multi-level referral programs, bonuses, promocodes and closed sale feature.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Development

We will design and build a customised platform distinguishing it from any other. Includes customizable parameters, all features necessary for customer service, desktop and mobile application. As well as, sales commission and member management abilities along with enhanced levels of security with a secondary password requirement for transactions.

Forex Brokerage Setup (MetaTrader 4 White Label)

We will offer a turnkey solution to start your Forex business right away by offering you a MT4 white label. We will also set you up with your preferred liquidity provider, a customised CRM system as well as various plug-ins for you to choose from. If required, there are various innovative solutions and services that enable you to minimise risk and maximise profits.